About Mattheeussens-Wido B.V.

Mattheeussens-Wido B.V. is a producer and supplier of preserved vegetables, mainly focused on acid products. Our assortment consists of gherkins, silverskin onions, traditional onions, beetroot, red cabbage, atjar tjampur and other salads, all conserved with their own brine and packed in a glass jar.

The history of the company dates back to around 1850. Cornelis Mattheeussens started with the purchase, drying and trading of green chicory. Mustard and piccalilli made their appearance after 1920. In 1968 the switch was made to the products that are still being produced to this day. This transition was accompanied by the change of the company name, N. V. Wed C. Mattheeussens & ZN became Mattheeussens-Wido B.V. Currently the management is in the hands of the 4th and 5th generation, represented by Mr. R.E.A. (Raymond) Mattheeussens and Mr. C.J.A.M. (Cees) Mattheeussens.

Although we sell products under the brand name ‘Mado’, a combination of the first and last two letters of the company name, more than 95% of the turnover is achieved through other (house) brands, which are delivered to both family businesses and large national and international supermarkets. In the Netherlands and Belgium, for example, we supply approx. 70% of all private label acid products. This is a coverage ratio that we are very proud of. Thanks to the efforts of all parties, we have been successful for many years and we belong to the established order within our market segment.

Thanks to the investments we have made over the years, we have an extremely modern production line for the packaging of glass jars in (cardboard) trays. With this production line we are not only able to meet the high quality requirements demanded by our customers, but at the same time we can also bring a fair and competitive product to the market. Of course, we can only get the best out of our production process if our employees are highly skilled. Our employees have gained a lot of experience, knowledge and skills over the years.

Besides investments in the field of production, we also take the time to build good relationships with strong and reliable trading partners. On the sales side we ensure tranquility and security within the company and on the purchase side these partners are essential to realise the long-term vision and to serve our customers optimally.


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