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Red cabbage

Rode koolRed cabbage is one of the oldest cabbages in the world and has a sweet taste of its own. However, the name is an unfortunate one, because the cabbage is purple and not red. Yet the cabbage crop is so named in all countries, namely red cabbage (English), rotkohl (German) and chou rouge (French). The name comes from the classic combination of red cabbage with apple, by boiling it together the acid of the apple ensures that the cabbage gets a red color. Red cabbage is delicious as an addition to wintry dishes, such as hachee or game.

By cutting the fresh red cabbage, blanching it and then filling it in jars with a pour of vinegar, sugar, salt and some aroma, Mattheeussens-Wido BV produces a tasty jar of red cabbage. It is also possible to process our self-produced applesauce in this red cabbage, which adds additional flavour.

Red cabbage is prepared in every country in its own typical way. Bound or unbound, with more or less vinegar, more or less sugar and possibly with applesauce. For the English market, for example, we also produce an unblanched variant: pickled red cabbage.