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Atjar tjampoer is an acid dish from the Indonesian, Indian and Malaysian cuisine. The word is still written according to the old Dutch-Indian spelling, but in modern Indonesian spelling the word is now written as acar campur. Acar or achar means about ‘spicy preserved in (sweet) sour’. It is originally a Persian word, but occurs in several Asian languages. If several vegetables are used, one speaks of atjar tjampoer, acar campur, which means ‘spicy mixed (sweet) sour’. Atjar tjampoer is made from a mixture of vegetables such as; white cabbage, carrots, onions and pickles. Different types of vegetables can be added to this, such as peppers, leeks and even chillies.

Mattheeussens-Wido B.V. makes the atjar in consultation with the customer at his wish with a vegetable mixture based on white cabbage, carrot and onion, supplemented with other vegetables. This mixture is flavored in a vinegar with sugar, salt, natural flavours and natural dye, especially the spice koenjit (turmeric), giving the atjar its distinctive yellow color. Afterwards, the atjar is pasteurised so that it preserves well.

For example, atjar is a delicious side dish with a rice table, a bami, but also with a plate of fries with satay.