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Silverskin onions
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Silverskin onions are a typical Dutch product and have been grown in the Netherlands for more than 100 years. They are harvested starting at the end of July to the end of August / beginning of September. By far the largest part of the silverskin onions that are traded worldwide are from Dutch origin. Silverskin onions are sown very close together and grow in a thick layer just below the ground level.

The name silverskin onion comes from the glassy shape and the silver glow of the outing, which it gets from the vinegar with which the silverskin onions are made. There are many different sizes in which the silverskin onion can be bought, ranging from 10-14 mm to 28-32 mm and 32+ mm. The size that we encounter most often in the Netherlands are the 10-14 mm, 14-16 mm and 16-18 mm. The larger sizes are mainly consumed in Great Britain.

Amsterdamse uitjesIn addition to different sizes, silverskin onions are also available in multiple flavours. There are sweet-sour, sour, but also coloured silverskin onions, of which the Amsterdam outings are the best known.

The silverskin onions are peeled, sorted and washed, after which they are supplied by Mattheeussens-Wido B.V. in a typical pour of water, vinegar, (sugar), salt and natural aromas, inlaid into glass jars. They are then pasteurised for a better conservation. This gives them their unique taste. Silverskin onions are a delicious addition to a fresh salad, because they contain a lot of vitamins and only few calories. In addition, they are also delicious with, for example, a cheese board or a nice piece of meat or fish!