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Capers are the flower buds, preserved in salt or vinegar, from the plant Capparis spinosa (from the family Capparaceae capers). The plant is grown in a Mediterranean climate. The word “capers” is derived from the Greek word kapto (κάπτω), which means “biting” and describes the spines of various species in the genus Capparis. The capers are greenish in color and have a fresh, typical and vinegary taste.

Capers are classified according to their diameter as shown below. Small sizes are rarer.

  • Lilliput (3-5 mm.)
  • Unparalleled (5-7 mm.)
  • Surfin (7-8 mm.)
  • Capucine (8-9 mm.)
  • Capote (9-11 mm.)
  • Fine (11-12 mm.)
  • Gruesas (> 12 mm.)

Capers can be eaten whole or in paste, according to the wishes of the consumer. They are also used in various sauces, egg dishes, sandwiches, with smoked salmon or raw meat for example, pizzas.

In order to obtain caprons, we harvest later. The flower buds will flower and become caperons. Like capers, they are catergorised according to their size as shown below:

  • 0 – 15 mm
  • 15 – 18 mm
  • 8 – 22 mm

We can produce them in brine.