Activities, vision & mission


The activities of the company Mattheeussens-Wido B.V. consist of operating a production company in Ossendrecht. The aim of the company is the production of – and trade in – ghirkens, silverskin onions, traditional onions, atjar tjampoer, red beetroot, preserved foodstuffs and other consumer items.

The customer base consists mainly of retailers, other producers and traders in Europe. The retailers from the Netherlands and Belgium are responsible for a large part of the turnover of Mattheeussens-Wido B.V.


In today’s consumer society, competition has become a battle for turnover.

It is important to distinguish yourself in a positive way in order to generate returns with potential customers. Nutrition is a primary need, so our products belong to a group that will always be in demand. We are convinced that because of the global increase in prosperity, major changes will take place both economically and ecologically.

As a result, a significant increase in food consumption will occur.

There will also be more frequent shortages on the market, causing a shift of surpluses to shortages on the food supply. It remains of great importance that our products remain part of the total food package. We believe that our products have the strength to take care partly of this themselves, but for the rest we will strive for the good name of our products, for example, pickles have a good reputation as a healthy snack. Both quality and delivery reliability are essential here. Mattheeussens-Wido B.V. wants to be a lasting and valuable player in the market of pickles. Through a steady growth we want to be a recognised and profitable food company, with a satisfied customer base. we want to ensure continuity in the areas of quality, food safety, flexibility and service. The focus here is on sustainable customer-oriented solutions. Mattheeussens-Wido B.V. wants to deliver the best quality and provide the best service at a competitive and fair price.


From our long history, the knowledge gained in the field of quality, the delivery reliability and a financially strong partner, we have become an established company in the market. Our goal is to maintain our current position in the market and, where possible, to strengthen it. We do not see the growth of our sales as a primary goal, but we want to be a trusted partner for our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.